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"IT HAS PROVED TO BE A VERY GOOD TRAINING AID" - Dear Sirs I should like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing such a superb product. My cat, Pebbles, is eighteen months old and has worn soft claws since we adopted her in March 2007. During her first few weeks my wallpaper was ripped to shreds near her feeding bowls and by the kitchen door, not to mention some nasty scratches both to myself and my young son. We came across these Claw covers quite by accident whilst researching de-clawing and decided to try the product immediately. I found your staff to be very friendly and informative and the product arrived within 24 hours. Pebbles accepted the soft claws immediately and no further damage was done to our home. It has proved to be a very good training aid. We are now adopting two more kittens - one girl 10 weeks old and one boy 6 months old. I have just placed my second order for soft claws - kitten - clear and young cat - small in pink and blue. I would recommend, without any hesitation, that everyone with a cat should try these. They are very easy to apply, look stylish and ensure that your new arrival(s)can enjoy your home with you without fear of damage to either person or property. I would suggest that you forward literature to all veterinary clinics, cat protection league and caring for cats so that they can inform prospective adoptees. Kim Murray from East Yorkshire. 

Kim Murray

"I WOULD BE HAPPY TO RECOMMEND THESE TO ANYONE" - I have received these today and I am well impressed. Was a bit doubtful with regard to if they would work and whether my cat would get on with them, she found it a little strange for a couple of minutes and then absolutely fine, At least a scratch free home. Thank you so much, I am going to buy some more now for the Kitten we have. I would be happy to recommend these to anyone, in fact have just purchased another lot for my kitten. Believe me I am not a believer in adverts so to speak, but was getting desperate with cat (as she is a house cat) and clawing at everything, no more, claw free house and they do not bother her at all now, but yes feel free to use that and I would recommend this to anyone personally, I will be back when I need more Thanks for a fantastic service, so impressed!!!


"I HAVE BEEN A VERY SICK AND SAD KITTY UNTIL SOFT CLAWS SAVED THE DAY!" - Thank you soooooo much for my pretty pink Soft Claws. I have been a very sick and sad Kitty until Soft Claws saved the day! Recently I was diagnosed with kitty acne which is a horrible black, gooey, blobby, itchy skin problem that infected under my chin. The vet gave my Mommy antibacterial soap to wash me with but unfortunately it was so itchy that I broke my skin and spread the infect to my eyes and the soft tissue above my eyes to the point where they were so swollen I could only see out of little slits. Cats Photos Because of my incessant scratching and me spreading the infection my Mommy had to put something that looks like a clown collar on me so that I didn’t make my infection any worse. Mommy was then scared I would get stuck in something outside with the clown collar on so I wasn’t aloud to go out and play with my friends either... sniff. Then my Mommy bought some Soft Claws which changed everything! No I don’t have to have the clown collar on because if I scratch myself I can’t break my skin and I can go outside and play.... yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I am a very happy Kitty thanks to Soft Claws and I have very cute paws. 

Nea and Tanya